Client Testimonials

“Saniya was incredibly helpful as a business coach. She demonstrated over and over again the ability to quickly evaluate a situation and offer insightful recommendations. Saniya was a consummate professional during our relationship, and I would highly recommend her to others needing a quick start to their business.” 
Top qualities: Professional, Good Value, Expert
Michael Richards, Owner

“I had the privilege of benefiting from Saniya's coaching while training to become a Digital Marketing Consultant for WSI. Saniya is an excellent mentor and her advice and training help me a lot understanding the role and responsibilities of my new role and developing my new business. I recommend Sanyia for her coaching skills and her extensive knowledge of the business.”
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value
Daniel Cernea, Digital Marketing Consultant

“Saniya was my coach and advisor in my first three months of owning a franchise. She was very helpful and let me see how to price my services and let me know that expertise was worth the charges.”
Top qualities: Expert, Trustworthy, High Integrity
Terry Brungardt, Owner

“It is always a pleasure working with Saniya. Her knowledge on Social Media is vast and you will always learn something new from her when you talk to her.”
Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Quality
Ali Jawad (A J) Rana, Owner and Director, Solsnet

“One of my clients brought Saniya onboard as a Consultant to help them with their business strategy. Saniya did a fantastic job. She worked diligently in getting the project completed and was able to do so before the deadline while working full time. Saniya is an energetic, personable individual that will go that extra mile when asked to! I would definitely recommend her to any organization.”
Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity
Josée Doucet, Consultant

“Saniya is a very detailed and focused individual. With a broad awareness of all aspects of business, her communication skills and work ethic are to be commended. A valuable addition to any team!” 
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value
John McTrusty, President, QuestBack Canada Inc

“Saniya leaves no stone unturned in her pursuit of excellence. She is a pleasure to work with both for her dedicated professionalism as well as her consistently positive attitude. She rightfully earns both the respect and admiration of her coworkers and clients and the value she brings to the company and workplace is indisputable.”
Top qualities: Professional, Expert, Quality
Craig Estrella, Regional Development Director

“Saniya was my WSI Quick Start Program Coach for the first month of the three month program. She assisted me with my first proposal presentation and sale. When I first met her during the intensive new IC training program in Toronto, I was impressed with her in-depth of knowledge and experience. Learning the ropes of a complex industry like Digital Internet Marketing is somewhat like acquiring information as if you were drinking from a fire hydrant! Saniya was an awesome resource, helped clarify many things and has contributed to my success as a new Internet Marketing Consultant”
Top qualities: Leadership, Expert, Knowledgeable
CJ Rapp, Consultant

 “I have known Saniya through the QSP program at WSI. She is a thorough professional who is detail oriented, highly knowledgeable and skilled in the Digital Marketing arena. She is a great relationship builder and is more than willing to extend a helping hand as and when needed. I wish her continued success in her endeavors to train, coach and produce some of the best WSI consultants in the years to come.” 
Top qualities: On Time, Quality, Expert
Venky Jeyaraman, Digital Media

 “Saniya Narvel was my coach and helped me in one of the basic elements that made the difficult process of starting a new business easy. Saniya is able to simplify complex processes as well as clearly explain procedures and processes. She helped me a lot in overcoming all the problems that I faced during the period. Not only that, she also pin pointed hidden opportunities which I benefited from. In short, Saniya is a great person to work with, and a great coach.”
Top qualities: Professional, Knowledgeable, Expert
Majed Al Tamer, Digital Marketing Professional

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