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In today’s fast paced borderless environment business need to succeed. They need to have a competitive edge over their competitors and lead amidst of constant change.

Your Business Eye recognizes the complexity so provides business consulting plan and solutions customized according to specific business needs. The solutions are focus is to   increase revenue, reallocate costs, and drive operational excellence.

One question that would come to your mind is why hire a coach?

The answer is simple an experienced coach can provide you the guidance and tools to succeed in your goals.

Your Business Eye Inc offer various services include: :

-         Increasing your bottom line

-         Helping your brand

-         Implementing a plan

-         Diving towards results

One stop shop for all your business marketing needs!


Your Business Eye Inc implements a Business GAP™ Analysis methodology to identify what your business needs or challenges. The Business GAP™ (Goal Attaining Process) Analysis helps us identify your business goals in attaining results and your business process. We summarize your business model and then design a customized solution especially that would suite your business needs.  

As Your Business Eye Inc, guides you towards our proven methodology, you will discover a life skill of balancing your business and personal life. You will build a pattern and incorporate it in your lifestyle to succeed. You will gain:

-         Inspired and motivated

-         Clear direction

-         Customized action plan for goal setting

-         Time management

-         Ongoing self accountability


Your Business Eye Inc is business consulting service based company. Founded by Saniya Narvel in 2001 with the passion to share, empower, collaborate with professionals and bring out thought leadership.

Your Business Eye Inc focus is to share best practices of what works and what does not work for executive professionals and small -midsize business owners. We thrive on providing knowledge sharing on business trends, competitor’s analysis, marketing segmentation, branding, and marketing strategies.

Let our experience and knowledge be bridge to your success. We are


Your Business Eye Inc Vision: Giving back to the community by helping business owners.

We strive towards local community outreach and focus on knowledge sharing and giving back to the community. Even if we can give back a fraction of what the community has given to us, we will feel satisfied.


Five Core Values that guides us:

At Your Business Eye Inc, we are proud of our accomplishments, the successes and trust we have achieved the reputation we enjoy with our clients for the past 12 years. The backbone of Your Business Eye Inc is our core values. These five principles are the foundation of our company which guides us to strategize and shape our company towards continuous growth.

-         Trust

-         Commitment

-         Result

-         Integrity

-         Respect

Offer - Contact Today for a complimentary Business Gap™ Analysis (Value $450)

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